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Minority Languages in Europe

Just a quick note to announce an online report about minority languages in Europe, produced by FranceInter, passed along to me by David Rafoni. 46 million Europeans speak a language that is considered “regional” or “minority.” These languages are protected by the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, but in France […]

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Online lingo: Is there a grammar of affective particles?

In instant messaging and texting, my students detect a clear distinction between the use of lol (laugh out loud) and a smiley : ) either standing on a line of its own (i.e., as a whole utterance) or at the end of an utterance, as in:

You’re a real stud muffin! lol
You’re a real […]

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Friends and amis on Facebook

An interesting aspect of social network sites like Facebook and MySpace is their appropriation of the word “friend.”  I sometimes get email messages from people I hardly know (and sometimes people I don’t know at all) inviting me to friend them (now it seems there is no more need to use the verb “befriend“).

How […]

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Written By: kernrg on May 24, 2010 2 Comments
Education in Singapore

Last month I spent a week in Singapore visiting primary and secondary schools as well as the National Institute of Education.  Although I am sure that what I saw was not representative of all schools in the country, I was immediately struck by the high level of ideological and financial investment in education (how […]

Written By: kernrg on November 22, 2009 3 Comments

How ironic that during International Education week, the news should arrive that the Berkeley Divisional Council voted to eliminate the Academic Senate Committee on International Education.  How ironic that Berkeley should now be the only UC campus other than Merced and San Francisco not to have a Committee on International […]

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INFOBITS is an electronic service of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ITS Teaching and Learning division. Each month the ITS-TL’s Information Resources Consultant monitors and selects from a number of information and instructional technology sources that come to her attention and provides brief notes for electronic dissemination to educators.

This month’s topics:

Production Line […]

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For a rehearsal of the economic arguments for studying foreign languages, see this commentary which just appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education: http://chronicle.com/weekly/v55/i26/26a03301.htm

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UCCLLT Colloquium on World Languages in California

Please note that January 6 is the last day to take advantage of “early bird” registration fees for the upcoming UC Language Consortium Colloquium on World Language Proficiency in the California Context, to be held here at the UC Berkeley campus (Pauley Ballroom) on February 6-7.  This is an important colloquium that I hope most […]

Written By: kernrg on November 12, 2008 6 Comments

I recently assigned students in my “Writing and Technology” seminar the task of posting one of their class journal entries or other commentary on Found in Translation.  I have mixed feelings about imposing this kind of top-down directive when it comes to blog-writing. After all, aren’t blogs supposed to be bastions of free will?  […]

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Claire Kramsch, Professor of German and Education at UC Berkeley, and Founding Director of the Berkeley Language Center, gave a talk entitled “Language Ecology in Practice: Implications for Foreign Language Education” on Sept. 21, 2007.

For those unable to attend the talk, a recording will be made available soon on the BLC website (http://blc.berkeley.edu). In […]

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