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Written By: kernrg on November 22, 2009 3 Comments

How ironic that during International Education week, the news should arrive that the Berkeley Divisional Council voted to eliminate the Academic Senate Committee on International Education.  How ironic that Berkeley should now be the only UC campus other than Merced and San Francisco not to have a Committee on International […]

Written By: daveski on November 10, 2009 No Comment

Dunja Nedic, an Australian exchange student at the University of Arizona, has written what must be the definitive Top 10 list of reasons why you should NOT, under any conditions, think about studying abroad. Among my favorites:

2. A disproportionate number of people will think your voice is sexy, regardless of whether this is […]

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Written By: daveski on April 1, 2009 1 Comment

枝垂れ桜はなぜこんなに美しいのでしょうか。 昨日、キャンパスの中にある、モフィット図書館のすぐ前を歩いていて、この枝垂れ桜を発見しました。数百回歩いているみちですが、まるで久しぶりに昔の友達にばったり会って、うれしく感じて、互いにあいさつした、と言った方がいいかも知れません。

その周りにほかの桜の木もいろいろあります。日当たりのもっといいところにはもっときれいに見える薄紅色の花がたくさんあります。にも関わらず、垂れている枝と、薄いピンク色の花びらを見て、美しいなぁって再び思いました。 どうして美しいのでしょう。



Written By: katie_k on December 28, 2008 4 Comments

So I began writing this as a comment on daveski’s “Good morning” but it grew into this post instead. I’ve actually wanted to write on it for a while, so thanks for the inspiration daveski!

One of my favorite things in France was walking into a shop and immediately having to say “Bonjour Monsieur/Madame”. I was […]

Written By: Youki on December 4, 2008 18 Comments
Found in Translation: a Digital Story


After going to last week’s BLC panel on Digital Storytelling, I was inspired to make a video on Found in Translation for Rick Kern’s “Writing and Technology” course.

download: High-quality version though FIT servers

also viewable through youtube.

I prefer that people watch the high-quality version, since I didn’t make the video […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on December 2, 2008 3 Comments

Crazy Indian Video….Buffalaxed:

Youki: Usree, I came across this video and I was extremely reluctant to share it with you, because of how extremely offensive it was.
Usree: Extremely?
Youki: [Nervous laughter]
Usree: Okay…I love offensive…er “stuff.”
Youki: [Looking away, still nervous]: I actually saw it a couple of days ago. And uh wasn’t [laughter][ gonna send it to […]

Written By: Youki on November 17, 2008 5 Comments

pics from today’s FIT/BLC table at International Education Week on Sproul:

International Education Week banner, with a Chinese Dragon performance on the Sproul steps

Dave and Nadine

Dave talking to another IEW student. Looks interesting!

Usree with the BLC 'Speak another language?' board, Nadine (hidden) and Sirpa […]

Written By: daveski on November 17, 2008 No Comment

If it’s your first time visiting Found in Translation, welcome! Today marks the beginning of International Education Week around the U.S. and around the world! Events encouraging study abroad are happening at universities across the country; here at Berkeley there are several events […]

Written By: daveski on November 14, 2008 No Comment
International Education week at Berkeley, meet Monday!

Hey everyone, next week is International Education Week at Berkeley and around the U.S. There’ll be several events on campus, including a Noon Rally on Sproul Plaza on Monday, Nov. 17th from 12-1. Does anyone want to meet, maybe grab a bite and pass out some flyers for […]

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Written By: daveski on November 13, 2008 No Comment

I just got notice from the fellowships office of Graduate Services at UCB, saying that Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships are available to interested grad students. Fellowships are for foreign language study and are awarded to students in the humanities, social sciences, and professional fields. Applications are online here; […]

Written By: daveski on October 22, 2008 2 Comments

Last Friday, Professor Celeste Kinginger paid a visit to the Berkeley Language Center from Penn State University’s Department of Applied Linguistics. She gave a talk in which she explained how she’s now involved in a project researching the experiences of Americans studying abroad, and she argued that—despite the fact that the […]

Written By: daveski on July 1, 2008 1 Comment
Studying French* on the TGV

The Train à Grande Vitesse speeds through the countryside: fields of green and brown, hills rising in the distance, rows of grapes, houses and farms dotting the spaces in between. Chapter 7, page 183. “Ou etes-vous allé(e)?” (Where did you go?) The perfect way to frame a chapter introducing the use of “le passée composé […]

Written By: daveski on March 15, 2008 2 Comments
Non-place about Frankfurt

I’m not sure how much Marc Augé had in mind discourses of advertising when he wrote in 1995 about the “non-places” of airport lobbies, train stations, and other generic spaces of transit, “Frequentation of non-places today provides an experience – without real historical precedent – of solitary individuality with non-human mediation (all it takes […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on February 12, 2008 No Comment

The International House (endearingly truncated as “I-House“) at Cal affords an unparalleled multicultural and multilingual experience for residents, staff, members/visitors, and cafe regulars. In my six months here, I’ve witnessed and been engaged in numerous cross-cultural and cross-linguistic exchanges that have amused, moved, and confounded me. This blog focuses on linguistic interactions between a group […]

Written By: katie_k on February 7, 2008 6 Comments

I’m studying abroad in France this semester, and just to keep in touch with my Russian interests, I decided to take a Russian history course. The first hour of the first class was all in French, and I was able to follow most of what was going on, as well as take notes (there have […]

Written By: katie_k on November 29, 2007 4 Comments

Since we’ve been studying politeness in one of my classes, and how what is considered polite differs from one culture to the next, I thought I’d share an experience that demonstrated it. I spent the summer in Russia, which most definitely has a different culture. Certain things were easier to adapt to- for example, reading […]

Written By: daveski on October 30, 2007 No Comment

On Monday this week KQED’s “Forum” had a program called “International College Student Experience”. Their guests included two local international students – Yatou Fall from Laney College and Jess Liu at Berkeley – as well as Andrew Garrod, a professor at Dartmouth who’s done some work interviewing international students about life […]

Written By: daveski on August 13, 2007 No Comment

I was interested to note that Berkeley was mentioned in a New York Times article today (Aug. 13), “In Study Abroad, Gifts and Money for Universities” as an institution that receives financial incentives from one of the many study abroad contracting organizations, the American Institute for Foreign Study. While the article […]

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