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Written By: Nicko on February 7, 2010 3 Comments

Few years ago, when I was an undergraduate student learning Korean, one of my professors started his methodology class about Korean studies with these two questions: Where is “Korea”? What do you call “Korea”?

Back then, everyone was quite sure about the answer and was wondering why a professor would ask that kind of question to […]

Written By: daveski on January 23, 2010 6 Comments

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Written By: daveski on December 25, 2009 1 Comment
Status update: Joyeux noël

It’s been quite a while since I’ve ventured to write about learning French, or even taken a few baby-steps in the direction of actually writing in French – this mostly because I haven’t been studying and practicing as I should for my research project between learners of French in Berkeley and […]

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Written By: Adam Mendelson on July 14, 2009 4 Comments

This summer I’ve spent a substantial portion of my time in and around Barcelona, Spain, visiting in-laws and friends. For those of you unfamiliar with the history of Spain, like many European countries, it was unified somewhat artificially and is home to a variety of fairly different cultures and […]

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Written By: daveski on June 17, 2009 7 Comments
Learning 2 languages at once: English in 한글!

여러분, 안녕하세요? (Hi, everyone!)

I’m writing this post for anyone on this blog, Found in Translation, but want to give a special shout-out to the summer language classes at Cal. And since I’m in Korea right now, and since I started studying Korean many years ago in a K1 summer language class at Berkeley (now I’m […]

Written By: shlomy on May 12, 2009 1 Comment

Last week on FIT, David Malinowski wrote about public discourses about the so-called swine flu and the ways these reconstruct borders between countries and people. (The construction of these borders, it should be noted, is not just a U.S. American phenomenon. A New York Times article from May 4 documents […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on May 10, 2009 1 Comment

मैं दिल्ली में एक अनाथाश्रम गयी दो साल पहले. वहां कुछ बच्चों के साथ मैंने बात की. मैं उन्हें अंग्रेजी सीखने के बारे में पूछ रही थी. सब बच्चे बोल रहे थे की वे सोचते थे कि अंग्रेजी सीखने से ही वे कुछ बन सकते हैं. इंटरव्यू के बीच में एक बच्चे ने पूछा, […]

Written By: daveski on April 17, 2009 No Comment

In case you haven’t seen it, the German Department has a Poetry Corner on its website, featuring poems by Heiko Michael Hartmann, Zafer Senocak, Heinrich Heine and others. The site reads,

An epiphany, a bolt of spiritual lightning, an astonishing conceit, a fleeting insight, a lasting memory–great poetry is all this and more. A […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 16, 2009 2 Comments

मेरा इंतेज़ार करते हैं
कहीं मुझे बुला रहें हैं
उस अंधकार में?
वह एक गुफा है-
जहाँ वे
खेलते हैं
हंसते हैं
हर रोज़ उनकी सच्चाई
एक दर्द है
आशा का अंत है
जहाँ न माँ का प्यार
ना पिता का आशीर्वाद.
आज कल में बदलता है
कल परसो में.
क्या वे मुझे बुलाते हैं?

Written By: daveski on April 1, 2009 1 Comment

枝垂れ桜はなぜこんなに美しいのでしょうか。 昨日、キャンパスの中にある、モフィット図書館のすぐ前を歩いていて、この枝垂れ桜を発見しました。数百回歩いているみちですが、まるで久しぶりに昔の友達にばったり会って、うれしく感じて、互いにあいさつした、と言った方がいいかも知れません。

その周りにほかの桜の木もいろいろあります。日当たりのもっといいところにはもっときれいに見える薄紅色の花がたくさんあります。にも関わらず、垂れている枝と、薄いピンク色の花びらを見て、美しいなぁって再び思いました。 どうして美しいのでしょう。



Written By: daveski on March 19, 2009 No Comment

おひさしぶりです。(ohisashiburi desu) = “Long time, no see.”





Written By: Youki on March 11, 2009 6 Comments

Do you dream in different languages?

It rarely happens to me, but last night I dreamt in Spanish.  Which is pretty interesting because I’d hardly consider myself fluent in Spanish, although I did grow up learning Spanish along with English (and a bit of Japanese).  I grew up in downtown Los Angeles — all my neighbors […]

Written By: daveski on March 4, 2009 6 Comments


Today’s word is “入口” (iri-guchi), which means “entrance”. I remember being struck the first time I was in Japan by the simplicity of the lines in these characters–the 2 smooth strokes of the “入” meaning “to go into” and ”口” literally meaning “mouth”, or “opening”.

最近、ランゲージログという、言語学にかかわって人気のあるブログで、ジェフリープラム教授の記事(ブログ?)を読みました。その見出し(タイトル?題名?)は、私のと一緒、”The Horrror of Ideograms“, つまり、「漢字の恐ろしさについて」です(訳が合っていますか。皆さん助けて下さい:)。プラム教授はもちろん、他の言語学者のように言語に興味プラス才能がたっぷりで、何カ国語ができるようですが、漢字がつかわれているアジアの言葉が一切もできないと、ブログで書いています。そして先週、香港の学会で発表することに当たって、「恐ろしい漢字の国」に入ることになるのがきっかけで、ランゲージログの読者にアドバイスを頼んでいます。

What got me motivated to […]

Written By: daveski on February 24, 2009 8 Comments

ありがとうございます(arigatou gozaimasu) = “Thank you very much”.




Written By: daveski on January 19, 2009 1 Comment

Come sta? Thanks to youki, sandra, juski, Jinny and Jeremiah for all the helpful comments last time. I’d like to say I’ve picked up a little fluency in Italian but that wouldn’t quite be true…

I’ve wanted to follow up for the past several days but it’s been a chore getting online. 25 euro for a […]

Written By: daveski on January 12, 2009 6 Comments

The highlight of my day yesterday was definitely the pizza. Sure, it tasted good, my first pizza, and first pizzas are always a special experience. But it was the buying itself that was a linguistic victory of sorts.

This was my first day in Sienna. My first day in Italy. I’d had a few other […]

Written By: daveski on January 2, 2009 1 Comment

Thanks to jfboy.shieh for pointing out this article from The New Yorker. It’s a few years old, but like most things on FIT, has good staying value.:)

Cressida Leyshon interviews the writer David Hoon Kim about his short story, “Sweetheart Sorrow“. Kim was born in Korea and moved back and […]

Written By: katie_k on December 28, 2008 4 Comments

So I began writing this as a comment on daveski’s “Good morning” but it grew into this post instead. I’ve actually wanted to write on it for a while, so thanks for the inspiration daveski!

One of my favorite things in France was walking into a shop and immediately having to say “Bonjour Monsieur/Madame”. I was […]

Written By: jfboy.shieh on December 19, 2008 13 Comments
Cultural heritage status for complex Chinese characters

Taiwan is planning to apply to UNESCO to have complex Chinese characters (also known as traditional Chinese characters,  正體字, or 繁體字) gain cultural heritage status.

I view the simplification of Chinese characters in the 50s/60s under the communist regime of Chairman Mao as being one of the greatest cultural losses in history. As a Taiwanese American, […]

Written By: katie_k on December 16, 2008 No Comment

So as I take a break from preparing for exams tomorrow and Friday, I just want to say thank you to the Slavic Department, Lisa Little, and the grad students who set up the conversation hours – definitely the highlight of my Russian studies this semester! Спасибо за русский разговорный час!

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