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November 2008

Written By: Youki on November 17, 2008 5 Comments

pics from today’s FIT/BLC table at International Education Week on Sproul:

International Education Week banner, with a Chinese Dragon performance on the Sproul steps

Dave and Nadine

Dave talking to another IEW student. Looks interesting!

Usree with the BLC 'Speak another language?' board, Nadine (hidden) and Sirpa […]

Written By: katie_k on November 17, 2008 3 Comments

So just because I can’t miss an opportunity to share my favorite words (really and truly one of my favorite things to do), here is my favorite word in Russian: бессмысленный. Even just looking at it makes me happy. However, the reason I like it is the way it sounds. In English it would sound […]

Written By: daveski on November 17, 2008 No Comment

If it’s your first time visiting Found in Translation, welcome! Today marks the beginning of International Education Week around the U.S. and around the world! Events encouraging study abroad are happening at universities across the country; here at Berkeley there are several events […]

Written By: Youki on November 16, 2008 1 Comment

I was watching CNN earlier and saw a segment on health called “FIT Nation.”  I was sad when it had nothing to do with Found in Translation 🙁


Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on November 16, 2008 No Comment
Prop 8 Rally: Just Words?

As my esteemed fellow FIT blogger Dave pointed out yesterday, the signs on display at the Proposition 8 rally, organized by Join the Impact on the City Hall grounds at San Francisco, were quite fascinating. On display were thousands upon thousands of buttons, T-shirts, lovingly crafted handmade- and commercially manufactured- signs, rainbow-colored […]

Written By: Adam Mendelson on November 15, 2008 6 Comments

On the first day of Spanish 1 here at UC Berkeley, my students were asked to fill out a survey about their previous experiences with the language and their reasons for taking the class. On an open ended question about reasons for wanting to learn Spanish, of the twenty of […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on November 14, 2008 No Comment
The L-Word

What’s your favorite word in another language? Why?” asks a prompt on this site. English being an “another language” for me, here’s my favorite word: “Love.” My linguistic history with the word has been a long one, probably going back two and a half decades, though I did not ever utter it to another person […]

Written By: Marie Joelle Yveline Thuillier on November 14, 2008 7 Comments
Written By: daveski on November 14, 2008 No Comment
International Education week at Berkeley, meet Monday!

Hey everyone, next week is International Education Week at Berkeley and around the U.S. There’ll be several events on campus, including a Noon Rally on Sproul Plaza on Monday, Nov. 17th from 12-1. Does anyone want to meet, maybe grab a bite and pass out some flyers for […]

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Written By: daveski on November 13, 2008 No Comment

I just got notice from the fellowships office of Graduate Services at UCB, saying that Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships are available to interested grad students. Fellowships are for foreign language study and are awarded to students in the humanities, social sciences, and professional fields. Applications are online here; […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on November 13, 2008 1 Comment
To Blog or Not to Blog?

Prof. Kern’s provocative post on blogging got me thinking…why is it that I blog? Why do I find the medium so inviting, such a great FIT for my intellectually and emotionally expressive needs? Why is it that when I haven’t blogged in a while, I feel an unsettling vacuum within, as if I […]

Written By: daveski on November 12, 2008 3 Comments
역시나. 영어로. Of course. In English.

이렇게 될 줄 처음부터 알았다. I just knew it would happen.

어제 버클리 대학교에서 열린 FLANC (북가주 외국어 연합회) 학회에서 어느 발표자가 스케쥴에 써있던 대로 프랑스어로 발표를 시작했다. 그런데 그렇게 하고나서 곧, 청중 중 한명이 그 방 안 공용언어인 프랑스어를 못 알아들은 채, 그 분은 손들고 발표자한테 부탁했다. The presenter at yesterday’s more→

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Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on November 12, 2008 No Comment
My (Page)View on Political Blogging

This story just caught my attention this morning: a seven-year-old named Stanislaw “Stas” Gunkel, who’s been providing political commentary on his blog, was lauded by (now) President-Elect Barack Obama five days before Election Day. A 2nd grade blogger, in the national media spotlight for political blogging! I could barely contain my happiness; blogging, […]

Written By: kernrg on November 12, 2008 6 Comments

I recently assigned students in my “Writing and Technology” seminar the task of posting one of their class journal entries or other commentary on Found in Translation.  I have mixed feelings about imposing this kind of top-down directive when it comes to blog-writing. After all, aren’t blogs supposed to be bastions of free will?  […]

Written By: Billette on November 11, 2008 5 Comments

We’re now envisioning the end of the fall semester, my first as a graduate student at Berkeley. After ten years as a junior high teacher of “core curriculum,” I received an appointment to teach French 1 upon returning to Berkeley. I wrote the following journal entry three days before instruction began in August:

le 24 août […]

Written By: daveski on November 10, 2008 5 Comments
The Blogging Scholarship…In the running!

I’m excited to be able to write here that I’ve been chosen as one of 20 finalists for a $10,000 blogging scholarship from collegescholarships.org! The call for applications went out on October 15, and the 20 finalists are now being voted on in a public poll. Thanks again, Usree, for the heads-up!! This […]

Written By: daveski on November 5, 2008 2 Comments

The Foreign Language Association of Northern California (FLANC) will be holding its fall conference at UC Berkeley this Friday and Saturday. Be sure to check out the program and stop by!

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Written By: daveski on November 2, 2008 No Comment

Does anyone know of some good internet-based resources for English-speaking kids in California to learn some basic conversational Afrikaans or Hindi? Thanks for any suggestions!

Written By: daveski on November 2, 2008 2 Comments

Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development is talked about so much in language and literacy classes around here that it’s easy to forget what it means from the first-person perspective: an experience of learning with the help of more capable others, becoming able to use language and other signs in ways that you didn’t know you […]

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