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April 2009

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 14, 2009 No Comment

A University of Southern California study concludes that:

streams of information provided by social networking sites are too fast for the brain’s “moral compass” to process and could harm young people’s emotional development.

The study will be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Online Early Edition.

Read articles on the study […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 12, 2009 No Comment

Twitter is SO 2008. Here comes Flutter, the “nanoblogging” site, with only 26 characters maximum allowed. So, what would YOU “fleet”/”flut”? Also, check out the ” FlutterEye,” for all you I-need-my-blogging-fix-all-the-time folks.

(And before you ask, no, none of this is real.)

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 12, 2009 2 Comments
Name that Color!

During our recent FIT meeting, Dave, Youki, Leila and I were talking about the colors in the tag cloud, and one of the things I said was that I didn’t know the names of most colors. Well, Chirag Mehta comes to my rescue (a second time)…I will never now need to learn […]

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Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 12, 2009 No Comment

A very interesting article on Facebook, and the controversial issue of ownership of user-generated data appears in New York magazine.

Money quote:

If there were one word to describe what Facebook has added to my life, I would use it. It’s a multidimensional pleasure: It’s given me a tool for exceptionally mindless, voyeuristic, puerile […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 11, 2009 4 Comments

Behold, the one-finger keyboard! This is what it does:

Dasher is a one finger user interface that allows text entry without a keyboard.
Keyboards are inefficient for two reasons: they do not exploit the redundancy in normal … all » language; and they waste the fine analogue capabilities of the user’s motor system (fingers […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 11, 2009 2 Comments

One of the major news stories doing the rounds of the blogosphere and the “Internets” is the recent Rick Warren interview on CNN’s Larry King Live. The interview yielded answers from Warren that seemed in direct contradiction to his very recent earlier stance on California’s Proposition 8 (aimed at “illegalizing” gay marriage).

Here’s […]

Written By: daveski on April 10, 2009 No Comment

Hi everyone,

There’ll be a Found in Translation gathering this afternoon in 130 Dwinelle starting at 3:15 and going for about 2 hours, if you’d like to drop by. There’ll be, as always many topics of bloggable interest; also, since we’ll be in a room with a projector and sound, we can share and discuss recent […]

Written By: Youki on April 10, 2009 1 Comment

A British teenager who took a drugs overdose has been saved after the American girl he was chatting to online raised the alarm.

The 16-year-old boy from Oxfordshire had sent her a message suggesting he intended to commit suicide.

Although she did not know where he lived, calls via the White House and the British Embassy enabled […]

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Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 9, 2009 No Comment

A very interesting article in the Atlantic traces how cocktails acquired their names, like the Manhatten, the Negroni, and the Rob Roy. Some really cool info:

Sometimes a name just fits the bill, so it gets the same name with a sequential number. A perfect example is the Corpse Reviver #2. Part of […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 9, 2009 12 Comments

A Republican Texan legislator, Betty Brown, created an uproar Tuesday by suggesting, during House Elections Committee testimony, that Asian-American voters should use names which are “easier for Americans to deal with.” Ramey Ko, a rep for the Organization of Chinese Americans, had earlier stated “that people of Chinese, Japanese and Korean descent often have […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 9, 2009 No Comment

Want to know what kinds of jokes ancient Romans enjoyed? Well, you’re in luck! Prof. Mary Beard has just published a collected volume of more than 260 jokes, some 1,600 years old. According to Beard, the volume explodes the popular stereotype of Romans as “pompous, bridge-building toga wearers.” What comic figures are the jokes […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 8, 2009 1 Comment

If webpages could talk….

The best “404 Not Found” message. Ever.

Written By: aaminahm on April 8, 2009 3 Comments

“Sometimes I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It’s beyond me. ” Zora Neal Hurston

Written By: daveski on April 8, 2009 No Comment

A reminder from the calendar page: Stanton WorthamProfessor in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, will be giving a talk today as part of the Berkeley Language Center’s lecture series:

Hillbilly Spanish and Tarzan English: Ideologies of Mexican Immigrant Language 

The talk is in B-4 Dwinelle Hall, 3-5 p.m., […]

Written By: Youki on April 7, 2009 3 Comments

How does freeterminism get no google hits? A nonce word combining free will + determinism. Someone somewhere must have thought “free will vs. determinism is a false dichotomy, we need a new word to represent a more hybrid system… like freeterminism!”

p.s. I wonder what kind of person gets a kick out of finding words […]

Written By: Youki on April 5, 2009 1 Comment

“Mankind is no Island” by Jason van Genderen.

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on April 5, 2009 4 Comments

So “Janet Jackson”, a UC Berkeley graduate student, three other graduate students, and I had just wrapped up our presentations at the Expanding Literacy Studies International, Interdisciplinary Conference for Graduate Students at “the” Ohio State University in Columbus. It was a glorious day, bright and sunny, and we were thrilled that we were all […]

Written By: Youki on April 5, 2009 No Comment

Soul Receives From Soul

Soul receives from soul that knowledge,
therefore not by book nor from tongue.

If knowledge of mysteries come after
emptiness of mind, that is illumination of heart.


Written By: kernrg on April 4, 2009 No Comment

INFOBITS is an electronic service of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ITS Teaching and Learning division. Each month the ITS-TL’s Information Resources Consultant monitors and selects from a number of information and instructional technology sources that come to her attention and provides brief notes for electronic dissemination to educators.

This month’s topics:

Production Line […]

Written By: Youki on April 4, 2009 1 Comment

The New York Times is taking essay/photo submissions for “How Has College Changed You?

College is a series of transformative experiences – moments that change the way you view the world. And yourself. Current students are invited to submit an essay or photographs that illustrate their metamorphosis, for a chance to be published in […]

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