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September 2011

Written By: Youki on September 24, 2011 2 Comments
The Story of September

It still amazes me how I can grow up with a word, know what it means, but not know where it comes from.  In this sense, every word is a bit foreign to me.

Earlier this month I was looking at my calendar, the same way I do every day for work to make sure I […]

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on September 12, 2011 No Comment
A history not my own

It was a glorious Fall in the late ’80s, in a land filled with trees colored in autumnal brushstrokes. I remember with great vividness my first moments in an American classroom.  I was seated in the last row, in a corner, comfortingly next to the door (should I be overpowered by the need to escape). […]

Written By: Jonathan Haddad on September 10, 2011 No Comment
History and Memory in Foreign Language Study: Your Stories

Today, we are attending the Berkeley Language Center’s conference on History and Memory in Foreign Language Study.

So, we’re asking you some questions:

How have you brought history into your foreign language classroom? Have you taught a language where you felt that a national memory or a historical period was off limits? Have you encountered […]

Written By: daveski on September 10, 2011 No Comment

I’m at the BLC one-day colloquium, History and Memory in Foreign Language Study, and though I’ll only be able to be here for part of the day, I’d like to leave a few thoughts. Or, as I’ve tried to indicate in the title, one view.

Before launching into the collection of liveblogging tidbits that […]

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