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FIT in Review: November

Written By: Youki on December 21, 2008 No Comment

A monthly roundup of blog posts on Found in Translation.

Adam Mendelson shares his thoughts as a Spanish instructor here at UC Berkeley in “Spanish: Foreign or Second Language?

Billette writes about her experiences teaching French 1 at UC Berkeley in “Apprehensions about Foreign Language Teaching, or How I Had To Rethink My Identity as Teacher

Dave Patterson presents his views on the technological aspects of his involvement in campaining against prop 8 in “Same Sex Marriage and the Internet

jeongdaveski examines unity and diversity in myth-making in “Does language unite or divide multicultural societies?

daveski writes a computer code/poetry amalgam in “< ? the_last_post (); ? >” (note: not to be mistaken as Dave’s last post on FIT!)

daveski writes about Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development as a volunteer for Obama’s campaign in “In the zone

Kate F. writes about her apprehensions with online identity representation in “Facebook-phobic.”

kernrg, BLC director and UC Berkeley professor, writes about the underlying issues of power, education, identity, community, and the design-structure-interface in “Blog Pressure

Marie Joelle Yveline Thuillier shares her creative experiences with the interactions between American Sign Language and Danish Sign Language in “Fun in translation!!!

Sign in a mall in India, Dec 2007Usree Bhattacharya asks the question: “How has language contributed to normalizing terror threats for us?” in Life Between Terrorist Strikes

Usree Bhattacharya explores how we, as interlocutors in what are increasingly multichannel and linked conversations, make the decision to choose one communicative medium over another in Mode-Switching

Usree Bhattacharya examines political blog intertextuality, community building, and authorship in “My (Page)View on Political Blogging 



FIT’s Favorite Word series:  

hangangdaveski writes about his favorite word in Korean in his post “노을, 마음에 드네

katie_k  writes about her favorite word in Russian with her post “Моё любимое слово (русское, конечно!)

Usree Bhattacharya writes about her favorite word in English with her post “The L-Word




Announcements and asides:

Have a funny language video to share? Come share with us! “Funniest language videos…??

Congratulations to Dave Malinowski (aka daveski) for being a finalist in the national $10,000 College Blogging Scholarship!  Read about it here.

Come see pictures from FIT/BLC’s table at International Education Week on Sproul!

Dave talking to a few international students

Dave talking to a few international students


Translations welcome!

Translations welcome!



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