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12 Days of Christmas: Liveblog Edition!

Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on December 24, 2008 1 Comment

‘Twas the night before Christmas when Youki and Usree decided to do a bit of cross-continental liveblogging using Skype. They had planned to liveblog their views about a viral music video, an “Indian” version of the Twelve Days of Christmas (performed by an “animated” pop singer, Boymongoose), but, the “organic” nature of liveblogging, as (a totally “lawyered up”) Youki pointed out, precluded staying on topic for long. Here we reproduce bits and pieces strung together, leaving out large chunks because 1) they were irrelevant, 2) somewhat tangential extracts too long to include, or 3) Youki and Usree would like not to “endanger” their academic careers. Here’s the video:

[3:02:41 PM] UB: did you get a chance to see the video?
[3:02:50 PM] YT: yes i did
[3:03:41 PM] UB: i hear you [through skype]
[3:03:45 PM] YT: i can’t hear you cause of the video
[3:04:11 PM] YT: i hear you talking but I can’t understand you
[3:04:16 PM] UB: uh oh!
[3:04:21 PM] UB: you know people say that all the time
[3:04:24 PM] YT: lol
[3:06:24 PM] YT: i’m ready to start the vid when you are
[3:06:31 PM] UB: okay let’s do it NOW
[3:07:15 PM] YT: the original song really bugs me
[3:07:19 PM] UB: ya me too!
[3:07:21 PM] YT: it’s so redundant
[3:07:29 PM] UB: i am totally with you on that!
[3:07:32 PM] YT: i mean, how can a song get away with like 90% redundant lyrics?!?!?
[3:08:00 PM] YT: i think it’s secretly a memory helper song
[3:08:08 PM] UB: ha ha ha ha….well, i’d answer that but i would be offending some 4.5 million of our 5 million readers
[3:08:18 PM] YT: oooooh better be careful then’
[3:14:38 PM] UB: isn’t it FUNNY youki or did you find this offensive again
[3:14:45 PM] UB: (or are you gonna pretend to find it offensive)
[3:14:51 PM] YT: omg
[3:14:56 PM] UB: what?
[3:14:59 PM] YT : you’re trying to trap me again
[3:15:04 PM] UB : sure obviously!
[3:17:26 PM] UB : okay so what did you THINK of the video youki
[3:17:39 PM] YT : one sec, let me get my lawyer
[3:17:44 PM] UB : ha ha ha ha!
[3:17:48 PM] YT : i hired one after the last liveblogging session
[3:17:53 PM] UB : ha ha ha
[3:18:01 PM] UB : only one?
[3:18:12 PM] YT : he tells me that I thought the video was culturally inspired
[3:18:42 PM] UB : OMG i am laughing so hard i don’t know what to say
[3:18:52 PM] YT : the video, using humor, gave insights into the orientalist effects of cross-cultural communication
[3:18:53 PM] UB : are you allowed to laugh at it?
[3:19:01 PM] UB : [expressing disbelief]
[3:19:11 PM] YT : full of cultural inspiration? yes
[3:19:25 PM] YT : my lawyer I should change the subject
[3:19:33 PM] UB : ha ha but we’re liveblogging the video!
[3:19:36 PM] YT : hey what happened to [discussion about a different topic, where Usree begins talking about colonial oppression of India, and Youki, at the end of the narrative, offers a somewhat inappropriate:]
[3:22:47 PM] YT : lol
[3:23:16 PM] YT : wow if this was transcribed, the lol would look like it referred to your story, and I’m like totally insensitive

[3:24:01 PM] YT : stupid liveblogging
[3:24:03 PM] UB : are you a little frightened of the liveblogging thing?
[3:24:05 PM] UB : ha!
[3:24:11 PM] YT : well i have my lawyer here to protect me
[3:24:15 PM] YT : he’s actually the one typing
[3:24:20 PM] UB : damn…i can’t liveblog with him there!
[3:24:25 PM] UB : looking over your shoulder!
[3:24:30 PM] YT : i just sit back and let him write whatever, i’m actually eating a sandwich right now
[3:24:37 PM] UB : you….[bad person]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[3:25:30 PM] UB : okay so are we gonna have like ANY coherent narrative here for liveblogging?
[3:25:54 PM] YT : i thought liveblogging was supposed to be all kinda of organic
[3:25:58 PM] UB : ya that’s true
[3:37:55 PM] YT : 12
[3:38:09 PM] UB : what about it are you willing to share without your lawyer present?
[3:38:13 PM] UB : what do you say?
[Very funny interlude.]
[3:39:21 PM] UB : okay so what about the 12 days????
[3:39:47 PM] YT : culturally inspired, i told you!
[3:39:49 PM] UB : but so is it wrong to laugh at that?
[3:39:58 PM] UB : like so then what;’s funny anymore?
[3:40:09 PM] YT : as long as the humor results in an intense period of self-reflection
[3:40:22 PM] UB : what kind of self-reflection does THAT video force you to do?
[3:40:26 PM] UB : |-(
[3:40:26 PM] YT : about one’s own positioning within and between cultures
[3:40:33 PM] UB : oMG you’re totally [not being honest.]
[3:40:34 PM] YT : omg you’re mad
[3:40:48 PM] UB : i am leaving my line out but yours in! [In the interest of full disclosure, Usree keeps this line in.]
[3:40:50 PM] UB : mad how
[3:40:52 PM] UB : mad insane
[3:41:03 PM] UB : or mad like i am coming at you with a pitchfork
[3:41:08 PM] UB : :@
[3:41:27 PM] YT : “[go ahead] youki say things you’ll regret later” mad
[3:41:34 PM] UB : ha ha ha ha
[3:41:44 PM] UB : why would you regret the truth?
[3:41:49 PM] YT : hah hah

[3:46:10 PM] UB : your two cents up?
[3:46:16 PM] YT : sure
[3:46:31 PM] YT : this is the part where i lower my head and hope for the best
[3:47:14 PM] YT : so reviewing your resume and publications, everything looks great, we’d love you as a tenured professor
[3:47:18 PM] UB : ha ha ha
[3:47:19 PM] YT : except for one thing
[3:47:28 PM] YT : naw i’m kidding
[3:47:34 PM] UB : so can i keep that lie in?
[3:48:14 PM] YT : no…unless it acts as some sort of mechanism to [help me if I find myself on a sticky wicket, or some such sentiment.]
[3:48:28 PM] YT : “yeah but look, i mentioned that this would happen, so i’m ok!”
[3:48:40 PM] UB : sure..i think that’s right!
[3:56:51 PM] UB : hey youki, are you cold?
[3:56:57 PM] YT : it’s kinda cold here
[3:57:03 PM] UB : ya it’s warm here
[3:57:11 PM] UB : some cross cultural stuff for [our post]
[3:57:15 PM] YT : lol
[3:57:17 PM] UB : how does it look in berkeley
[3:57:27 PM] UB : foggy, christmas lights everywhere?
[3:57:37 PM] YT : yeah pretty much
[3:57:39 PM] UB : it’s smoggy and…fake christmassy here
[4:06:59 PM] UB : merry xmas
[4:07:04 PM] YT : same to you too

Ps. for a short discussion on FIT readership and a really cool word that Youki thought he coined, click here.

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  1. Usree Bhattacharya on: 24 December 2008 at 8:36 pm

    Youki’s lawyer says there is only a 0.000349% chance that anyone (apart from one other person-though I dispute even that) will read this. If you have made it this far, PLEASE leave a comment. It’ll be our Christmas miracle.

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