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Literacy: The Path to the World

Written By: Azadeh Soltani on July 29, 2008 No Comment

Literacy shapes the path to our world. Our interpersonal communication with others is shaped through the mechanics of literacy. Language, verbal influence, and engaged pedagogy are all formulated through sharing knowledge as critical thinkers in the transgression of equal education, and opportunities provided through the mechanics of literary education. The world is filled with different contact zones and divided as cultures, meet and clash due to the relational powers of colonialism, and slavery. Literacy should unite the integration of individuals, and the available resources allotted for us to implement the dynamics of learning through different endeavors.
We are united through the power of word, and the grappling affects of verbal and written language. Literacy opens the door to self-expression, and cultivates the inner paradigms for ideas and thoughts to flourish. International trade relations, commerce, global networking and the rights and privileges of the individuals are all made possible through the power of literacy. As multi-modal advancements in technology transform our access to various forms of literacy through books, news media, internet, music, and further media outlets, we unite to transcend our greatest ideas with the power of literacy through the implementation of social policy and the power of language. Societies function through and culture thrives through the implementation of language, ideas, and knowledge all made possible through literacy. Literacy is the key to knowledge and knowledge is power. To help shape society for the better we must always remember that literacy is everywhere and is historical changing society for improvement.

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