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Identity and the web

Written By: markkaiser on April 11, 2007 1 Comment

OK, here’s a test blurb from me, after correcting homework, recording some poems for my students, and helping my kids with their homework. I’m tired, so please ignore whatever comes out here…

With every passing day the virtual world becomes increasingly real, while the real world, the world of shimmering leaves, pungent, freshly overturned earth, playful dogs and ponderous books, is nothing but a distraction from the digital world where all our real work gets done. The more time I spend behind a monitor writing emails, surfing for information, analyzing budget numbers, etc etc etc, the more estranged I feel from myself and from what I value in life. Increasingly I find myself reading poetry, in particular Russian poetry, as the antidote for the pace of our lives. Poetry, especially poetry in a foreign language, demands that we slow down, ponder and savor every word of the text. We must take into account the sounds of the text, the shapes of the line structures, the meanings of the words. Poetry through its rhymes and metaphors, teaches us to see connections between things of which we were previously unaware.

И вот хотелось бы знать, как русский шрифт будет смотреться на этом сайте.

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One Response to “Identity and the web”

  1. lisalittle on: 12 April 2007 at 9:42 am

    Отлично смотрится!
    Я с Вами согласна. Но, спрашивается, зачем тогда мы начали этот блог?

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