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FIT in Review: January

Written By: Youki on February 1, 2009 No Comment

Be sure to check out “FIT in Review: December” if you missed it.

Found in Translation is an open community and we welcome posts from new people!  Not sure how to make a post?  Visit our FAQ.

We’ve added a calendar feature to FIT!  We’ll be listing upcoming language events, conferences, and activities; mostly anything related to language.  Want to add an event?  Just send an email to foundintranslation.admin@gmail.com


A monthly roundup of blog posts on Found in Translation.

Billette writes about his experiences going from language teacher to language student in “Teacher/Student//Student Teacher

Cindy Lee writes about her experiences visiting the Latin Quarter in Paris, France in “In Brief

Reading Obamadaveski writes about language and the activity of reading from Obama’s perspective in “Reading Obama

daveski writes a few (rather fascinating!) thoughts on his visit to Siena, Italy in “A pie to remember” and “Buongiorno.

daveski asks, “What’s a new year’s greeting or other holiday expression that’s memorable, important, or curious to you?” in Words for the New Year.”  Have one to share?

Usree Bhattacharya writes about six-word memoirs in “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.

Usree Bhattacharya writes about weird and wonderful foreign phrases that just don’t translate in “I would wish it in English…

The Clay Dolls of IndiaUsree Bhattacharya writes about her trip to India in “Happy New Year 2009,” “The Clay Dolls of Krishnanagar,” and “The English Speaking Curse

Usree Bhattacharya writes about the fluidity of deictics in “The Deictic Dilemma

Usree Bhattacharya writes about Hinglish – a link language between Hindi and English – in “Chutneyfied English

Youki writes about the regulation of identity via language policy in “Nashville Won’t Make English Official Language

Youki writes about the phonology of memes in “The serendipity of nonce words

Youki analyses the word “child” in former President Bush’s 2004 State of the Union Address in “Language in Context


FIT’s Linguistic Landscape series 

dave_nguyendaveski ponders the images of students’ faces on campus banners in The faces of Berkeley

Do you know where this is?” asks daveski

Hidden Signs” in New Delhi, India



The Inauguration of President Barack Obama

daveski writes about his experiences at the U.C. Berkeley-held inauguration in “Lest we forget

Usree Bhattacharya, due to a delayed flight from India, writes about missing the inauguration in “The Lost Moment in Time

What One Word Describes Your Current State of Mind?” – a multimedia word train from the elections.

view photos from the inauguration:



Resources and tools

100 Word Books” – 100 word summaries of books

Safe For Work!” – read books in a work-friendly format

Animal Sounds in Different Languages” – you know, just in case.

For vous…” – forvo.com is a multilingual wiki dictionary that contains pronunciations of over a hundred thousand words in 207 languages.

On The Tip of Your Tongue?” – Experiencing TOT? That word you know-but can’t recall-driving you crazy?

Web 2.0 language learning!” – several web 2.0 language learning sites.

The Photographic Dictionary” – defining words through the literal, figurative, and personal meanings found in each photograph.




Humor, miscellany, etc.

cutest/smartest baby in the known universe:

Funny Road Signs…

A KRON (SF) news story on online newspapers from 1981:

Strange Place Names: US & UK Edition” – Would you agree to live in Ugley, in Essex?

The Genius from the Mumbai Slums:

Old Sayings Visualized” – fun visuals of literal translation of common sayings.

xkcd.com examines language fossilization:







and finally, FIT in ASCII form:













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