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UCLA course in comparative education…en español

Written By: daveski on February 20, 2009 1 Comment

Yesterday I came across this announcement about a summer course in comparative education that’ll be offered through UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. While the course sounds interesting for its content–liberation theology, popular education, social movements from Latin American contexts–the real kicker is that this course is in Spanish. “Prerequisite: Minimum level of proficiency in spoken Spanish”, reads the announcement.

This is fantastic…in a state that prides itself on its multilingual heritage, and especially in a school that teaches us that bilingual education is not just an advantage but a right, why don’t we have some content courses in Spanish at Berkeley? Or do we, and I just haven’t found them yet?

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One Response to “UCLA course in comparative education…en español”

  1. sharonmerritt on: 6 June 2009 at 10:38 am

    Very interesting offering at UCLA. Content courses in Spanish or other languages would be great–hard to understand why we don’t see more of them in languages that so many of us speak, read and write in.

    We might look to what is happening at University of the Pacific in Stockton where many of my fellow alums from Elbert Covell College (bilingual, bicultural college, 1964-1984, focus on Inter-American studies, half of students from LA, half from NA) are working to re-institute a whole program of Inter-American studies with course offerings in Spanish. I hope to return for our reunion later this month to see how things are developing. This year they have opened up a bilingual dorm for students who want to use both languages for their social lives, and they say they are in the process of opening up content courses in Spanish, though I don’t how many or what content. Back when I was in ECC, I took half my courses (GE and major) in Spanish, including science, psych, econ, history, lit, poli sci, geography, etc. It can be done–but there has to be the political will. US and LA alums have been fighting for this for years. Anyone interested in hearing more about how they are doing it at UOP?

    The one content course in Spanish I have taken at Cal is in the Spanish dept (so I don’t know that it counts). Azevedo teaches a course on sociolinguistics of the Spanish-speaking world–all in Spanish. Lots of majors take it; not sure how many it attracts from outside the department, but I found my way there.

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