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FIT in Review: March

Written By: Youki on April 1, 2009 No Comment

Be sure to check out “FIT in Review: February” if you missed it.

Found in Translation is an open community and we welcome posts from new people!  Not sure how to make a post?  Visit our FAQ.

Cultural heritage status for complex Chinese characters” by jfboy.shieh was recently linked in “Technology as friend of tradition! (Chinese language dept.)” by James Fallows at The Atlantic.  Be sure to read both posts!


A monthly roundup of blog posts on Found in Translation.

spamOde to spam” by daveski.  Spam as poetry, modern art, and graffiti.  Maybe.

Linguistic Insanity from guest blogger Maya SmithA fluent speaker of 5 languages who’s feeling humbled by the linguistic diversity she’s encountering in India.

Is Orientalism Still Real?” by richardkhang.  Orientalism, like a virus, has evolved.

A Flood of Unread Emails by Usree Bhattacharya.  Over 2,000 unread emails.   It is not a trickle, it is a flood.

Slumdog Millionaire Revisited” by Usree Bhattacharya.  For better or for worse, “Slumdog” is the new “cow.”

I’m Having a Cow” by Usree Bhattacharya.  Holi Cow!  Cows are important-yes, but OMG there’s more to Hindu beliefs than cows! 

jazzmusicA Tribute to Professor Sige-Yuki Kuroda from Yoko Hasegawa.

Can learning music help you learn to read and write?by Youki.  Exploring connections between language and music.

Spanish dreams” by Youki.  Do you dream in different languages?


Multilingual FIT

「おひさしぶりです」by daveski.

漢字が怖いですか。On ‘The Horror of Ideograms’” by daveski.  Reflections on a foreign script.

Multilingual India” by Usree Bhattacharya.  How multilingualism is understood — and misunderstood — in India.

The Fifth Element” by Usree Bhattacharya.  Usree discusses the importance of “Fire” in Hinduism on a radio shoe entitled “Four Elements.


FIT 101 video series

George Lakoff on framing, metaphors, and political language

Dan Dennett: Ants, terrorism, and the awesome power of memes



The Study of Foreign Languages Should Not Be a Zero-Sum Game

Funky Azerbaijani – get the gist of Azerbaijani: not more, not less than you need.

2 blogging meta-sites – Howard Rheingold’s Social Media Classroom and Collaboratory and “Into the Blogosphere.”



Applied Language Studies minor a reality at Berkeley!

Happy Birthday to FIT!


Humor, miscellany, etc.

Classic Facebook: It’s the story of Aeneas’ journey toward founding Rome, told via Facebook status updates.

A list of things you never knew had names

10 Misconceptions About Common Sayings

A list of 25 prominent tweeters, micro-blogging from beyond the grave.

Characters with Character – A Love Story

Top 10 Hardest Languages


yes, that's Jim Morrison's image made from a casette tape

yes, that's Jim Morrison's image made from a casette tape

from FITzy, our dog-in-translation

from FITzy, our dog-in-translation

You made it to the end! You shall be rewarded with a smile:

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