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Sincerity, one of my favorite words

Written By: aaminahm on May 7, 2009 No Comment

I just wanted to follow up on my recent post regarding a complaint I filed with Delta Airlines. I told a few friends and family members of mine that more than anything I wanted a sincere apology. I felt most offended by the fact that the original Delta response placed a monetary value on the discrimination that I experienced. I said that I would have preferred an apology to a $25.00 voucher. To my surprise I got what I asked for. I am taking Delta off of my list of most hated and despised. Don’t worry the list wasn’t that long. It went something like this:

1) Those who support torture

2) Delta Airlines (OK maybe I am kidding about number 2)

I thought sense I copied the last letter, I should copy this one.

Dear Mrs. Norris,

Thank you for your additional comments concerning our recent exchange of
e-mails. We try to be responsive when any problem is brought to our
attention. On behalf of Delta Air Lines, our subsidiary, Northwest, and
their codeshare partner Pinnacle, please accept my apology for any
discomfort you may have felt when you were asked if you spoke English as
criteria for sitting in the exit row. Your perceptions of discrimination
by Pinnacle's flight attendant onboard Flight NW2147 on April 2, 2009
were concerning.

I was sorry to learn that you continue to feel embarrassed and harassed
by the behavior you reported of Pinnacle's flight attendant in the way
you were greeted and questioned about being seated in the emergency exit
row. Since the circumstances you described involve Northwest?s codeshare
partner's operations and crew, your correspondence has been forwarded to
them for review and handling. We know our concern will be shared, so you
should receive a reply as quickly as possible.

Please accept our apology for the poor impression you received of Delta,
our subsidiary, Northwest, and their codeshare partner Pinnacle, in this
instance. We welcome further opportunities to be of service to you.

Natasha Barnett
Apology accepted. Delta, you get a twofer I have taken you off the list and posted your
apology. Oh by the way, please don't mistake this
as an advertisement for Delta. It's just that in all sincerity I believe in giving credit where it is do.

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