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Vagabond @ Calapalooza 8/27 – Read a poem on Sproul!

Written By: daveski on August 25, 2009 1 Comment

Message from Alisa Shekhtman & Maia Wolins, Vagabond co-Chief Editors:

Calling all Vagabonds! Want to share your multilingual poetry LIVE with UCB?!

Vagabond Journal is looking for volunteers for Calapalooza, which is
happening next Thursday, 8/27, from 5:30 to 9pm. The club fair is a
fantastic opportunity to let incoming freshmen and junior transfers know about Vagabond and give them a chance to contribute to the journal, and it only happens once a year.

Here are two ways you can participate:

1. READ A POEM ON SPROUL. We’ve been invited to perform on Lower Sproul from 5:40-5:55. Since we are a literary journal, this means reading either 1) a poem you or a friend wrote for the 2009 edition or 2) your favorite poem in a foreign language. [Note: other ideas for how to fill the time are welcome, so if you have a musical/theatrical number in another language that you’d like to share, write back and let us know.]

It’s a great chance for you to share a little of your literary taste and air
your French/Arabic/Japanese/Spanish/Korean/Italian/etc skills … not to mention having some of Berkeley hear a poem the way *you* meant it to be heard when you wrote it (or, if it’s not your own, when you read it for the first time). Vagabond is also the opening act, so that means there’s no pressure to measure up to any of the performances that come after us — all we have to do is kick off the proceedings in our usual fabulously multilingual style. Since we have a limited time slot, respond to this email ASAP with your name and the poem you’d like to read to reserve your spot in the poetry line-up.

2. JOURNAL/FLIER ON SPROUL & MEMORIAL GLADE. Since we don’t have a fixed table for Vagabond this year, we’re going to stay true to our name and wander throughout Calapalooza from 5:30-9pm giving out fliers and copies of the 2007 edition. The more people we have on the ground on Thursday night, the better, even if you can only stay for a limited time!

Calapalooza is our chance to share our poetry out loud with the campus and reach out to prospective poets authors and illustrators, and we need your help to do it!!! The time commitment is small, and the warm-and-fuzzy feeling from helping a good cause is very worth it. Please respond by no later than Tuesday, August 25th if you’re interested in either (or both) options.

Hope your summers are wrapping up well and you guys are revving up for the next semester,

Alisa & Maia

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One Response to “Vagabond @ Calapalooza 8/27 – Read a poem on Sproul!”

  1. Usree Bhattacharya on: 26 August 2009 at 10:31 am

    It’s a little heartbreaking that in North America, Indian languages (i.e. languages from India) are almost always in the “etc” category. It’s interesting, huh, how revealing it is to read the line,

    “It’s a great chance for you to share a little of your literary taste and air
    your French/Arabic/Japanese/Spanish/Korean/Italian/etc skills”

    I wonder how the order given here maps on to the student enrollment in language classes on campus? Or the number of classes offered? What does it say about which languages we think of first when we think of linguistic diversity on campus? Or perhaps Vagabond sees most contributions from students in these languages, and this is what triggered that line?

    This is not to criticize the efforts of our fellow language lovers over at Vagabond; it is to ask questions about which languages we foreground in the celebration of linguistic diversity. In the quest for answers, perhaps we can go deeper into practices of inclusion and exclusion that happen in ways we don’t even notice.

    Anyway, the event sounds super cool…

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