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French 24 seminar

Written By: junxelcarlos on December 8, 2009 No Comment

Hello everyone,

I am yet another student from UC Berkeley’s French 24 seminar and will write a post about my presentation on language and technology. My presentation was based on a activity I engage in to pass the time. I watch YouTube videos of some popular Asian American teenagers who make videos and post them on YouTube. Some of these YouTube personalities are big hits in the YouTube world, hitting top views and subscriptions. Included in my presentation are Kevjumba, Nigahiga, and WongFu Productions as well as a one hit from Blingchachink. I discussed how these YouTube personalities help spread their Asian American culture and lifestyle through their videos, even though it may or may not be the focus of the video. YouTube allows them and many other people to share their life and be able to communicate to millions across the globe. It becomes a medium of communication that allows the producer to show their video to many and receive comments or videos back. With many people sharing videos of culture it can spread culture and ideas around the world, hopefully creating a more tolerant, understanding, and multiethnic world


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