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Technological Communication Controlling Your Life

Written By: mfranceschi on December 11, 2009 No Comment

Hello! I am also a French 24 student from the class Language and Technology. This semester we spent time talking about how important and how prominent language is in our everyday lives. Baron’s book “Always On: Language in an Online and Mobile World” provided us with so many different areas on technology that we use and abuse in our lives. I decided to take a look at how technology surrounds us everyday and can even be suffocating us.

In our world today there is no way for us to escape technology. But should we want to escape it? Sometimes I love technology and sometimes I hate it. I’ve never written a  blog before enrolling in this class nor had I really shared any thoughts in a public online environment. This new task is opening me up to a new form of technological communication. Some say that technology is hurting our communication skills. I agree. It is not completely harmful, but it is hurting us in certain areas. New generations do not know how to communicate through face to face interaction. But more positively technology enhances communication between long distances. Technology has made it so easy to get your message across through an email, a text, or a quick IM conversation. These conversations get the point across but they loose emotion and physical interaction. Also with all of these technological communications it can be argued that literacy rates are decreasing. We are depending on such tools as spell check. We could be asked to spell a word that we have typed a million times, but maybe only our fingers know how to spell it or if we have been typing it wrong and having spell check automatically fix it, then we will most likely continue to type and spell the word incorrectly. Our world is taking a penless approach. As said by Mr Li in “In China, computer Use Erodes Traditional Writing”, “This is the natural trend of societal progress. You use your hands less, but you use your brains more.” Maybe there is nothing we can do to take a step back from technology. It is growing at a faster rate than we can possibly control. Maybe one day we won’t even have to use our hands, our brains, fingers, and technology could control it all.


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