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To Whom it may concern,

Hello! my name is Robert Kauth and I am currently a undergrad in the French 24 language and technology class at UC Berkeley. One of our topics that we discussed early this year is Texting and how it has effected our use of language.

First off to be honest I have an addiction. Texting has become my drug; I hate it… but I loooove it! I text constantly, non-stop day and night; but now as I look up from my computer across my Chem. 1A lecture, I see it may not only be an addiction for me. There is no service in the lecture hall of Pimentel, but constantly and consistently you see people pulling out their phones to check the time or to check for missed texts, out of what appears to be pure habit. From this addictive habit of texting people have revolutionized how we communicate in our day-to-day lives, for the better or worse? I my opinion, the constant need to be connected to everyone in your phone book creates a problem. It makes the American culture to centered on always being “somewhere else” and never in the present. We are always making plans for later and sometimes I feel as though this inhibits are capacity to enjoy being where we are and what we are doing.

Texting has also come up with a strange new language that only the most technically savvy can navigate with all of its bizarre abbreviations and acronyms. This new language seems to complicate our lives giving words new meanings,condensing great trains of thought into miniscule sentences etc. It seems to me that this robs our language of its true depth and richness. Texting, to me, seems to have crossed a border between technology, communication, and language. It seems to me that it has become something else entirely, some crazy hybrid which will continue to intertwine itself in our lives making us part machine, part human, like a cyborg. Is that I good thing? I don’t think anyone knows just yet.

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