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Thanks for the memories

Written By: katiebernie on February 27, 2010 No Comment

I got an email from my undergraduate alma mater today. They were writing to inform me that, in May, it will have been five years since I graduated. This apparently means two things: 1 – my five year reunion is coming up (oh joy), and 2, my years of free email service are ending. No longer will I be kab13@duke.edu. Reading this email, I felt a wave of nostalgia. As the 13th person with the initials KAB to need a login ID at Duke, I was kab13 for four years of my life. And, to my bank and two of my credit cards companies, I am still kab13. (shhh) I can type “kab13” faster than I can type “Katie.”

As I thought about it for a minute more, I realized that not only will I lose kab13, I will lose all of the emails that kab13 wrote and received for four years.

I began a salvaging operation, forwarding to myself (my katie.bernstein self) all of the emails I wanted to save. And man, there were some good ones. There were the “Let’s rehash all of the things that happened this weekend” emails, and the “How do you guys think we got home last night?” emails, but there were also the “Writing from my year abroad in Italy to tell my friends about carnevale” emails, or the “Mom and Dad filling me in on news from home” emails, and even one “Dave telling me ‘I love you’ for the first time, via email” email.

Through my emails and the emails of my friends, parents, aunts, and brother, I was able to reconstruct my experience in college.  I realized that, in effect, we had all co-authored a diary of four years of my life.

As I was chatting on the phone with my aunt Sue this afternoon, she pointed out that this “diary” would not exist without the internet. If I had simply picked up the phone to call my parents or sat down in a coffee shop to recall the weekend’s debauchery with my friends, our words would be gone. But because I instead chose the “less personal” medium of email to communicate with my friends and family, I have a lasting record of our adventures and stories and how we felt about them and how we felt about eachother.

I didn’t keep a diary in college, something that I always regretted. But fortunately,  it seems that kab13 kept one for me.

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