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The languages of texting

Written By: daveski on March 31, 2010 No Comment

A recent Vancouver Sun article, “Translating the language of texting“, seems to be written mostly for clueless parents who are trying to figure out all the acronym-filled text messages of their kids–note the big chunk of the list devoted to expressions like “POV” (parent over shoulder) and “KPC” (keeping parents clueless). And, while we could argue whether texting is really its own language, or whether teens or anyone else actually use THAT many acronyms in their texts (do they? David Crystal seems to think not…), it does seem like a good opportunity to ask what kinds of commonalities and uniquenesses there are between texting in English(es) and texting in other languages.

A while back, davidd wrote with some chat lingo in French, and last semester Renee Bell from French 24 wrote with some examples from Korean and Japanese. Do you know of some examples from other languages? Share them here!

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