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Mon Autobiographie linguistique

Written By: quelle_fille_mysterieuse on November 4, 2007 No Comment

Je veux commencer en français parce que je sais qu’il est plus facile d’écrire en anglais pour moi, mais d’écrire en français, c’est un défi. J’adore les défis. De toute ma vie, je connais juste un langue, l’Anglais. Mes parents parlent anglais, mes grands-parents parlent anglais, toute la famille parle seulement anglais. De temps en temps, je me sens jalouse d’autres personnes qui a une identité culturelle plus intéressant que moi. Est-ce que je suis toute a fait Américain ? Je pense que oui, mais quelquefois je souhaite que j’aie plus de dire de mon identité linguistique. Mon père s’est passé son enfance à Chile et il parle espagnole parfaitement. Bien que j’adore mon propre enfance en les Etats-Unis, je veux une perspective plus internationale. Je veux avoir une vie plein d’aventure. Alors, j’ai décidé d’apprendre une autre langue.

Now, I will continue on in English, my « mother tongue » as Xavier calls it in L’auberge espagnole. In high school, you had to take two years of a foreign language, and the most obvious choices were Spanish and french. Growing up, there was a very heavy Hispanic population in my city, and Spanish was seen everywhere. At the hospital my dad worked at, his main job was to work with Spanish speaking patients in the clinic. Spanish seemed like an obvious choice. But instead I decided to learn french. It wasn’t until later than I realized why. My family spends the summer in Canada every year, a country in which everything is bilingual. One of my oddest, but most true motivations for wanting to learn french was to be able to understand the french side of cereal boxes in Canada. As I learned more about the language, I began to see that learning another language means more than just being able to be more savvy tourist when visiting Paris. I realize that I love words, and I love language. I like puns, plays on words, riddles, double entendres, and other things that are essentially just a playful manipulation of language. Learning another language and seeing how that language is used to express the same emotions, but in its own unique way fascinates me. I may not have a rich linguistic ancestry, but I’m going to create one.

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