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Autobiographie linguistique

Written By: dc on November 5, 2007 No Comment

I can relate to what David Sedaris writes about learning French–it has certainly been difficult for me and very humorous at times. I wanted to study French because it fits in so well with other areas I’m studying. Much of what I read in my area of specialization is either written in French or derived from French scholars and/or thinkers. So what does French mean to me? Well, it means many things. When I think of the French language, I think of these same scholars and writers whose work has influenced my thinking. I also think of an intellectual environment in which thoughts and ideas grow and mature–even if those ideas are sometimes extremeley abstract or different from “traditional ways of thinking.” Because of these thoughts, my study of French has tended to emphasize reading comprehension–I want to be able to sit down and read something from my field in French and understand most of what is being said. I have studies two other languages, and French is much easier than one of these and about the same level of difficulty as the other. I enjoy French a great deal because so much of it is similar to English, and yet so much is different at the same time. So, it’s always an adventure to see what is similar and what is different! I look forward to continuing to study French and to hopefully using it in France or some other Francophone country in the very near future.

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