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Restaurants and their Stories

Written By: f12ealang84 on December 12, 2012 1 Comment

The inspiration for our project was our mutual love for food and our propensity to dine out almost all the time. We decided to take our love of restaurants and show how there are multiple factors that contribute to the reputation that a restaurant develops in the minds of its patrons.

Our choice of restaurant to survey was completely random and was basically influenced by what we were “in the mood for” during our period of data collection. The categories that we outlined in the project were from our personal observations of what we felt were most applicable to the development of restaurant’s “persona”. They were a combination of factors influenced by the idea of a linguistic landscape and general characteristics that most people look at when thinking about restaurants, like the decor or the language of  the staff. These categories helped us by allowing us to quantify data in simple categories for easy analysis and the development of our conclusions.

Our little  foray into the culinary landscape of Los Angeles was on a whim inspired by my visit to LA during Thanksgiving holiday. It was interesting to explore a completely different area to the immediate area around the university. Some themes were defiantly similar, but the environment and linguistic landscape could not be more different.

Ultimately, we found out some interesting facts about restaurants and the image that they seek to create.

We think that you will find our findings interesting and hope that you will use some of the categories and information that we have provided in your personal analysis of restaurants you frequent.

Enjoy, and Happy Eating!!!

Clement and Allen
East Asian Languages 84 Fall 2012

To view the presentation, please click on this link.

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One Response to “Restaurants and their Stories”

  1. Youki on: 16 December 2012 at 11:04 am

    Interesting presentation! Makes me think about the tension that must exist between the national/global image of a chain restaurant vs. the local culture they need to adapt to. Like, do some restaurants “Westernize” their images in certain parts of the country, and if so, what does that process look like?

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