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Redesigning this site

Written By: daveski on December 17, 2007 1 Comment

It’s the end of the semester (whew) and time to think about redesigning the site to make it more suitable for our own needs. How has your experience been reading and writing on this blog? What would this site look like ideally? What features need to be changed, added, or improved upon? If you have any ideas, please reply to this post, link to blogs you like, etc. Some of the ideas/questions we’re working with so far are:

  • Highlighting several posts from different categories on the top of the front page: having a more newspaper-like block structure for content organization instead of the long list of entries in reverse chronological order like it is now. Good idea?
  • The question of whether or not to have a mini-discussion forum-type area for people to post shorter questions, comments, announcements, etc., like grammar questions about a specific language or looking for a language partner
  • How to organize content in different languages? Should English and non-English posts all be part of the same ‘stream’?
  • How much and what kind of information about users should be displayed? Right now the names and a few self-introductions on the “Contributors” page is it. Do you think it’s good as is? Should we all give short self-intros? Be able to upload pictures or avatars next to our names? Link to or import info from Facebook profiles, etc.
  • What should the header logo look like on an updated site? Any favorite color schemes?

Here’s a sample theme that we could work with (of course with our own images).

The Morning After theme

Looking forward to hearing your ideas…

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One Response to “Redesigning this site”

  1. katie_k on: 20 December 2007 at 8:51 am

    I definitely like the idea of a mini-forum section because it seems like a lot of the comments on posts actually turn into a small discussion with random questions/comments (at least mine tend to). Plus, being able to connect with other students about grammar issues, etc., would definitely be helpful.

    The contributors’ page is fine as is. People can put info up if they want to. I think it’s best to keep this focused on language at Berkeley, and not necessarily on the contributors. One of the reasons I’ve been able to contribute to this site is because it was fairly simple to figure out – everything was just right there and there wasn’t a lot of “fluff” to slog through (like on Facebook). For me anyhow, simpler is always better.

    Well, there’s my two cents’ worth.

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