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Eavesdropping Power

Written By: ana_vs on December 20, 2007 No Comment

I used to live right next to a Peets, or some other coffeeshop, where I would often do homework. Occasionally I would sit next to a couple of people speaking in Spanish, which is my first language. So even if I didn’t want to be eavesdropping, I would catch phrases of what they were saying when their voices got loud. I am pretty used to this: This is California, after all.

I started taking Russian at Berkeley this last semester, and the hardest part of memorizing the vocabulary is learning to think in Russian. There are a few words that I’ve caught on with very well, adjectives like “красивыи” or “большои” and most of all, for some reason “очень.” I was feeling pretty bummed, however, that I wasn’t succeeding more quickly.

So one day, I get on my bus, which is crowded, and I sit in the first open seat, next to a woman who is on her cell phone, and as I sit down, she asks into the phone “работаешь сегодня?” And I thought, whoa, I know this! So I eagerly wait for her conversation to keep going so I can try to practice more of my Russian listening, but unfortunately, it was pretty much the end of the conversation.

Too bad. It was pretty fun, though. If I had more time, I’d learn all the languages Berkeley offers, just to up my eavesdropping powers.

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