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Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on January 29, 2009 3 Comments
Funny Road Signs…

I found this great post entitled “Top 50 Funny Road Signs” on Reddit…Enjoy my top 4 favorites here:

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Written By: Usree Bhattacharya on January 23, 2009 2 Comments

Would you agree to live in Ugley, in Essex? Or in North Piddle? No? Then Spanker Lane? Thong, Kent? Or in Pratts Bottom? No? Well then, what about Crapstone? Or, would you care to reside in Diss? Felldownhead? Great Snoring? Or, alternatively, Little Snoring? Would you take a Ham and Sandwich? No?

If […]

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Written By: daveski on November 19, 2008 3 Comments

This one is on my all-time favorite list…anyone know where it’s from?

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